Daily Workflow

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Daily Workflow

As a marketing team, we spend a lot of our day generating content and preparing to deliver it to our audience. One of the ways we communicate with our audience is through our articles. This is a great way for us to produce content on a number of topics, and share informative articles that will touch everyone within our primary audience group. We want people to read, share and talk about our articles. With social networks becoming more and more visual, incorporating images into our posts has become a priority.

That’s where I come in.

Everyday I spend time designing and creating various images to accompany our articles. Adding images to article posts may seem tedious, and not worthwhile given all the high priority items that come across our desks everyday. But the right image can not only be a point of interest for your audience, it can add actual value to your post. There’s three pretty big reasons why pairing articles and images together is a crucial step in online communication:

  • Sharing: We want people to share this information. Social media posts that include images tend to have higher engagement levels than just plain text. It’s way more interesting to look at a graphic than to read a paragraph, right?
  • Total views: Articles that include images get 94% more total views than articles that are just text. 94%. Why wouldn’t you include images with that number?
  • Emotional connection: People say an image is worth a thousand words—they’re right! Pictures can convey emotions and meanings to people that writing sometimes cannot. Selecting an image that touches readers on an emotional level is always a good thing.

We also feel that adding images to our articles really keeps our brand consistent. Creating images that are specifically designed for each article topic allows us to keep our brand standards, while also adding value to the post.

While articles images may seem like a low priority item when it comes to marketing and communications, we think it’s a pretty important step when reaching out to our readers! Would you rather read an article with some visual interest, or stick to just plain text on your computer screen?


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