Staff Resources—How we communicate internally

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Staff Resources—How we communicate internally

Transparency is paramount to the success of any organization. Cultivating an environment of transparency ensures that your company is accountable and remains committed to your mission, while also building credibility with your customers.

It can be difficult and daunting to facilitate such an environment at a larger organization with a constantly expanding staff. At USGBC, our Marketing team has created a staff portal to improve internal communication. This system allows us to share information and resources across departments more efficiently.

Staff can keep up-to-date on the latest statistics and talking points, download aesthetic slide decks and Infographics by topic, and access other important documents—with just one click. As a Marketing Project Coordinator, part of my daily workflow is managing this system, ensuring that the most important resources are accurate and available on the site for other departments. Our Staff Resources page helps our busy department manage our project load more consistently—which prevents us from being inundated with requests by allowing other departments to immediately access the tools they need.

Check out an example of a page below to see how our Marketing team is working to improve internal communication daily!



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