Getting Creative in the Office

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Getting Creative in the Office

In our department we spend a lot of our time creating schedules, setting deadlines and responding to emails. But that isn’t all we do! We also schedule time to be creative and inspire each other.

Our social media videos take a lot of creativity—and a lot of hands—to create. Not only do we want to produce visually interesting videos for our social media followers to enjoy, but we also want to focus on LEED, green building and the sustainable market. It’s hard to stay current in our industry and also be creative. That’s why collaboration is so important. When we need to create a video for social media, sometimes it means spending a couple hours in our Knowledge Center creating. We brainstorm, cut and paste, and shoot together. It’s super satisfying to have a final product that everyone had a hand in creating. Our #USGBCfamily knows the importance of taking time out to get collaborative and creative; all in a day’s work!


Since we have taken on the challenge of producing more and more videos for our social media followers, we have realized how much people enjoy them. Everyone has busy schedules these days, and this means our content we put out there needs to be easy to quickly take in. Our videos are a quick way to celebrate an event, announce something or educate our followers. How do you use videos and social media to effectively communicate? Don’t forget to check out our Vine channel, and Instagram to see the latest video creations!

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