Meet Ana Leilani Ka’ahanui

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Meet Ana Leilani Ka’ahanui

Everyone: Meet Ana.

Ana is one of our team members who specializes in coordinating all the moving parts that go into our marketing projects. She is also known for being our in house photographer—she actually shot most of the photos on our USGBC Studio site!

10 Questions with Ana

  1. Where were you born? I was a Navy brat, so we moved around a lot. I was born in Long Beach, CA, but I was lucky to spend most of my childhood in Pearl Harbor, HI. If you’d like to practice some Hawaiian, my full name is pronounced AH-na Lay-LAH-nee Kah-AH-ha-noo-ee!
  2. Describe your role on the USGBC Marketing Team. I curate our growing collection of digital assets and also serve on our project management team. I’m also the staff photographer and provide video support for multimedia projects.
  3. Go-to Karaoke Song: A Little Respect by Erasure
  4. Favorite ice cream flavor: It’s a toss up between mint chip or mango sorbet if it’s really hot out. I also love Italian gelato.
  5. Best movie: The Princess Bride
  6. How do you contribute to USGBC’s sustainable efforts in your personal life? I installed a rain barrel in my backyard to water our plants. We use reusable shopping bags and purchase environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  7. Favorite guilty pleasure TV show to watch: Game of Thrones
  8. Cat or dog person? I’m a dog fanatic, 100%. I used to be the president of the non-profit that sponsors our local dog park. It’s like being on PTA for your dog. We just adopted an adorable mutt named Lani, which means “heaven” in Hawaiian.
  9. Best book you’ve read in the past year: I really enjoyed Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). I think she is amazingly talented.
  10. Favorite city to visit: As a foreign language major, I studied abroad with Loyola University of Chicago in Rome and ended up living in the Eternal City for three years after I graduated. From the architecture and antiquities, to the food and the people, it’s a magical place. I feel very at home there and can’t wait to go back.

Our innovative Studio team is comprised of marketing strategists, digital analysts, designers and developers. This supergroup is responsible for making sure that USGBC communicates with the world in the most effective and compelling way while maintaining our standards of sustainability. The only way we can accomplish this is through collaboration. Glad you guys took the time to meet Ana—stay tuned to meet the rest of our talented team members!

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