Studio Spotify: It’s a Productivity Party

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Studio Spotify: It’s a Productivity Party

There have been a multitude of studies on music and the human brain. One fact resonates: music can increase productivity. Whether it’s your favorite electronic beat, acoustic riff, or melodic lyrics, it all contributes to your positive mood and overall awesomeness.

Ever wanted an invitation to the Personal Dance Party (PDP) your coworker seemed to be having while churning out assignments? Wonder what that coworker is rocking to as you call his or her name over and over in an effort to get their attention to share your pressing review of last Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode?

Yeah, we do, too. Curiosity got the best of us and we asked our team to give us some of their favorite productivity boosters. The result? This pretty amazing Spotify playlist. Here’s a preview of some the tracks:

Celebrate, MIKA featuring Pharrell Williams
“This is my jam. It reminds me to take my time and enjoy the ride. Life is not about being the first and making the most… let’s live it up! Let’s go!” – Rukesh Samarasekera

Love Vibration, Josh Rouse
“It debuted in 2003 and still makes me smile and sway. Full of sunny, unbridled, 1970s am radio sounds.” – Joe Crea

Young Forever, Jay-Z featuring Mr. Hudson
“I like Young Forever when I really need to get something done. Why? I can completely ignore the lyrics and pump out work.” – Christopher Gray

Stolen Dance, Milky Chance
“This is your typical summer song. The song you listen to with your windows down and bob your head up and down and ‘accidentally’ put on repeat until everyone in the car has the words memorized. “ – Kunal Gulati


Join the productivity party and stay tuned because we will be adding new tracks as the music moves us.

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