How To: Using Pinterest in Different Ways

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How To: Using Pinterest in Different Ways

As Pinterest continues to evolve, social media marketers are starting to use the site in innovative ways to enhance their collective stories. One way that Pinterest allows you to engage your online community creatively is through the map feature. “Place pins” creates a visual and informative location-based board that tells a comprehensive story, maps areas of interest and creates local guides.  These maps connect the visual to the actual, by displaying where pins are in the physical—and not just digital world.

At USGBC, we use Pinterest maps to educate our audience about the sustainability movement and to create local guides on the high-performing LEED-certified buildings that are at the heart of this movement. Our maps help our online community learn about green building news in their specific area of interest.

For example, in recent articles I wrote for our company, I used Pinterest maps to educate our audience about green building in the professional and collegiate sports world. The Pinterest maps I created let viewers discover if their favorite pro-sports teams play in a LEED-certified venue; hear one-of-a-kind stories about the history, resiliency and adaptive reuse of these buildings; keep up-to-date on LEED activity and green building news in the world; and plan a trip to visit a LEED-certified stadium near them!



Check out our Pinterest page to learn more about how we are using our boards to communicate our message digitally!

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