Meet Josephine Nguyen

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Meet Josephine Nguyen

Everyone: Meet Josephine.

Josephine is a member of our super team, but she actually works remotely in California! She’s got a pretty awesome grasp of everything webinar related, and has been handling most of our marketing efforts to generate more webinars for our viewers.

10 Questions with Jo:

  1. Where were you born?  Stockton, California, but I consider Eureka, California my hometown.
  2. Describe your role on the USGBC Marketing Team. I work on marketing automation, webinars, and marketing research and analysis.
  3. Favorite ice cream flavor: My favorite at the moment is Banana, Salt & Caramel from Lush Gelato (made in SF).
  4. How do you contribute to USGBC’s sustainable efforts in your personal life? There are so many ways: energy efficiency and conservation, recycling, composting, reducing food waste, and buying less stuff. Right now, my biggest priority is water. With California in extreme drought, I try to use as little water as possible while also reducing water waste. My husband and I only run full loads of laundry and dishes. We also capture the water that runs while the shower is heating; we use it to water our vegetable garden and house plants.
  5. Cat or dog person? Dog person—I love both, but I’m allergic to cats.
  6. Favorite city to visit: Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam and the surrounding area. I have more family than I can count in the city and villages nearby. The countryside is gorgeous, the food incredible, and I know enough of the language.
  7. Are you a morning person, or night owl? I’m definitely a night owl!
  8. Right or left handed? Right-handed
  9. Biggest pet peeve: Bad grammar and poor spelling
  10. Zodiac sign: Aries

Our innovative Studio team is comprised of marketing strategists, digital analysts, designers and developers. This supergroup is responsible for making sure that USGBC communicates with the world in the most effective and compelling way while maintaining our standards of sustainability. The only way we can accomplish this is through collaboration. Glad you guys took the time to meet Josephine—stay tuned to meet the rest of our talented team members!

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