Meet Kunal Gulati

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Meet Kunal Gulati

Everyone: Meet Kunal.

Kunal joined our supergroup to help create better narratives and stories to market our products better. Kunal is our go-to guy for all things PEER and WELL related. He also has a pretty good handle on GBCI and its products.

10 Questions with Kunal:

  1. Favorite city to visit? It has to be a cross between Istanbul and Berlin. Istanlin? Berstanbul?
  2. Go-to Karaoke Song: Larger than Life, Backstreet Boys. Especially closer to the night, where all the love songs start to take over.
  3. Best movie: I have The Matrix memorized. From Laurence to Keanu.
  4. How do you contribute to USGBC’s sustainable efforts in your personal life? I spend hours in front trash receptacles, deciding which one to choose based on what I am attempting to dispose. Sometimes this process takes days.
  5. Most visited website: The front page of the internet, Reddit.
  6. Favorite guilty pleasure TV show to watch: I may or may not watch The Amazing Race (all 26 seasons)
  7. Favorite pizza toppings: Since moving to New York, it’s only grandma style pizza. Basil, tomato, mozzarella.
  8. Best book you’ve read in the past year: “I am Zlatan” offers a candid commentary behind a Swedish Soccer player. Excellent read.
  9. Favorite season: Shorts and sweater weather is better weather.
  10. Are you a morning person, or night owl? The most productive things get done when everyone else is asleep.

Our innovative Studio team is comprised of marketing strategists, digital analysts, designers and developers. This supergroup is responsible for making sure that USGBC communicates with the world in the most effective and compelling way while maintaining our standards of sustainability. The only way we can accomplish this is through collaboration. Glad you guys took the time to meet Kunal—stay tuned to meet the rest of our talented team members!

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