Tools to Enhance Productivity Series: Evernote

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Tools to Enhance Productivity Series: Evernote

I used to rely on handwritten to-do lists exclusively. I thought that because of the writing aspect of the note, I was more likely to remember the things on the list. Lies. I would totally forget things, and I would spend way more time perfecting my handwriting for said to-do list instead of actually accomplishing the things on the list!

Enter Evernote.

I have been using Evernote since June of 2008 when it was released. Since then, it has only improved my workflow. Evernote works across all my devices—so if I created a note on my work laptop, I can still check it out at home on my iPhone or iPad. Evernote is a program that collects all of my things—literally a collection of all of my collections. I mean, their slogan is “Remember Everything™”. I am constantly making notes, to-do lists, project descriptions, visual inspirations, websites to visit at a later date, notes for a presentation, or real time notes during conversations and feedback.

Evernote does 3 really amazing things that my life in the office easier: Allows me to attach files to any note, ability to drop images or visuals into any note, and the checklist function.

File Attachments: When I take notes on a project, there are usually supporting documents. That can range from old PDFs to reference, to Excel spreadsheets full of numbers and specs. I like for this all to stay in one place to reference when needed. Evernote allows me to copy and paste the project guidelines text into a note, and also attach any supporting files. That way when I go back to begin the project, I can easily access the PDF or spreadsheet I need!

Image Collections: As a designer, 50% of the project usually involves researching and nailing down a visual direction. For me this can mean pulling tons of inspiring photos from blogs, websites or videos and collecting them in one space to reference during the project. With Evernote, I can add any images to a note and view it as I read the project description or list in the note. This makes inspiration for every project super convenient and organized.

Checklist Function: Like I mentioned before, the handwritten to-do list has been an epic failure in my work life. But thanks to Evernote, I can create checklists right in my notes. I keep a notebook specifically full of weekly to-do lists. Every week I generate a note that includes a to-do list that shows all my projects due within the week. I can even highlight them to make sure I don’t skip over them! It’s great for me because every week it is inevitable that I’ll add a handful of urgent projects to my to-do list. My Evernote list is ever-changing, and easy for me to update on the fly. I can be at lunch, pull out my phone and add an urgent project while I pay for my overpriced salad!

Without Evernote, I would not have an efficient way to track my projects, add visual inspiration and keep my project files in one place! And this way, I can access it anywhere, anytime. Evernote has enhanced my productivity in the office—you should check it out!

Do you have ways you enhance productivity in your home life or work life?

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