How To: Rebranding an Event

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How To: Rebranding an Event

Coming up with a theme based on “convergence” ended up being an interesting process. By “interesting,” I mean not at all what I expected.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” The first thing I did when I heard the proposed theme was Google it. I wanted to see what imagery had already been run into the ground, like the obvious notions of one-point perspective / “converging” lines / groups of people, etc., so I could steer clear of it.

Though it seemed every organization and its mom had the same theme in 2014, none of the imagery pulled in the search query really played on any of the aforementioned motifs! Color me flabbergasted (fluorescent beige)… And here I was preparing my thinking cap to propel me far, far outside of the box. Even with that discovery, I still was not totally committed to doing the obvious, I asked myself, “Self, what converges?” I began to answer that question with the following stream-of-consciousness:

Direction… Skyline. Lines. People come together. 

*insert brief karaoke moment: The Beatles’ “Come Together” hook* 

Meh, obvious. What else? Color…YES, COLOR! *Writes that down* 

What else? 

*puts on magical thinking music: Hiatus Kaiyote’s Choose Your Weapon album* 

Music, converges….JAZZ!!! What does jazz look like though? Jeff Donaldson’s Jam Packed and Jelly Tight. Yep….wait…OMG!!! 

*starts doodling* 

San Diego. Beach. JAZZ ON THE BEACH!… How many vacation days do I have left?… Water…

*writes that down* 

Great energy in the form of vibrant color. Shapes converging, a merging of the minds. Arrows, pointing at each other. Movement in the direction of progress that starts with you and me. 

Several drafts later… and the rest is history.


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