Intro to Design Thinking: Sketching

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Intro to Design Thinking: Sketching

So you have a plan… Great!

Your brainstorming session yielded some great ideas that are worth exploring. Now, on to finding the cream of the idea crop. Regardless of final output (print or digital), a minimum amount of sketching is involved. Help your team visualize the final product by going back to the drawing board… literally.

Sketching can be done a variety of ways, depending on the product. One thing rings true: start simple. By “simple,” I mean extremely minimal. Outline the framework by using very basic shapes to illustrate content placement. (ex: Website wireframes or process flow charts). No need for superhuman drawing skills. At this early stage, the goal is to develop structure and primary hierarchy.

Example: Wireframes


Example: Process Flow Chart (A Morning Routine)


Not a fan of pen and pad? Need more cowbell? Try some of these apps for sketching:


OmniGraffle has an awesome range from the super simple to the uber detailed. Create anything! Make process graphics, decision trees and wireframes with the click and drag of a button.


With this sleek online application for web and mobile wireframing and prototyping, bring your sketches to life by uploading and simulating the interaction between sketches by adding hotspots. This programs turns your static screens into interactive prototypes with gestures, transitions, and animations. Collaborate with teammates by conducting user-testing and leaving comments in real time.

Paper by 53

Take that whole pen and paper experience and throw it on an iPad to capture ideas quickly. All the ease and flexibility of hand drawing in a digital format.


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