#FFF: Fast Food Fridays

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#FFF: Fast Food Fridays

Who doesn’t love a good lunch? Something fresh and wholesome. What happens when your lunch happens to be 10 minutes sandwiched between meetings? You need a quick, simple yet satisfying solution…made with ingredients mostly found at your local farmer’s market.

Hello, Fast Food Friday.

Keeping with the theme of alliteration, I give you The Triple P: Petite Pita Pizza. (Say that 5x fast.)


Whole wheat pita
Tomato sauce (I used a homemade tomato basil marinara)
Mozzarella (fresh buffalo)
Toppings of choice (went with pepperoni today)
Basil (obligatory leafy vegetable element…also for flavor)


Assemble and pop into the microwave (HIGH setting) for 1 minute. The ingredients for The Triple P should yield at least a week’s worth of lunch. Save time and a few dimes.






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