Meet Amy

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Meet Amy

Everyone: Meet Amy.

Amy is a member of our innovative Studio team. She does graphic and web design for all of the moving pieces that make up USGBC.

10 Questions with Amy:

  1. Where were you born? Richmond, Va.
  2. Favorite city to visit? Savannah, Ga. — my college city!
  3. Describe your role on the USGBC Marketing Team. I support our marketing team by designing graphics, presentations, one pagers, slide templates, printed collateral, and sometimes landing pages.
  4. Go-to Karaoke Song: Mr. Big — The Next To Be With You
  5. Do you believe in Aliens? Yes, there’s definitely something else living out there.
  6. Zodiac sign: Aries — go rams.
  7. How do you get to work everyday? Since I recently moved to the H Street Corridor in Northeast DC, I’ve started walking to work! It’s about a 3.5 mile walk, but it’s really beautiful. I also have a bus I sometimes take that drops me off right in front of our USGBC headquarters!
  8. Favorite ice cream flavor: Dolce de Leche
  9. Best movie: Fear — 1996 thriller staring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg.
  10. Favorite guilty pleasure TV show to watch: Real World. Or really any show on MTV.

Our innovative Studio team is comprised of marketing strategists, digital analysts, designers and developers. This supergroup is responsible for making sure that USGBC communicates with the world in the most effective and compelling way while maintaining our standards of sustainability. The only way we can accomplish this is through collaboration. Glad you guys took the time to meet Amy — stay tuned to meet the rest of our talented team members!

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