Pinterest Cheat Sheet

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Pinterest Cheat Sheet

Pinterest is a great medium to market your organization in an engaging way—and to create visually compelling creative that elevates your organization’s brand. Check out some of our tips on how to make your Pinterest boards successful and the best practices that we as an organization try to follow.

Make your content diverse, but target specific customers: The green building movement involves a variety of players—from developers, to builders, to sustainability advocates, and much more—so we like to curate boards that cover a wide variety of topics. Offering an array of sustainability-related images on our boards actually allows us to target a wider audience and reach specific customers more efficiently. The trick to accomplishing this is to stay organized! Instead of pinning a ton of images with no context, we divide our boards into topic areas with information that specific customers would want. Our diverse boards range from green schools, to health & wellness in building, to green building general information. Each board is designed with a customer in mind!

Cross-promote your pins: To reach a maximum audience, make sure that you share your pins on your other social media channels and that relevant pins link back to your blog or website. In addition, make sure to embed any applicable pins within your blog posts, offering visual and engaging examples to complement your story. All of these steps will help continue the conversation, bring more people into your network and ensure your online audience continues to engage with you.

Be creative! Try different ways to engage your audience: I love to use Pinterest maps to enhance our story in an original way! These visual and informative location-based boards tell a comprehensive story, map areas of interest and create local guides. At USGBC, we use maps to educate our audience about the sustainability movement and to create local guides on the high-performing LEED-certified buildings that are at the heart of our movement. Our maps help our online community learn about green building news in their specific area of interest and are more dynamic than a stand-alone image.

Feature your customers: Use Pinterest to highlight the accomplishments of your customers. We like to showcase specific projects, developers, member companies, community members and other customers who are making a difference in the sustainability movement, transforming the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated. By promoting our customers stories, we make them feel appreciated and increase their level of engagement.

Check out our Pinterest page to see first-hand how we are using our boards to communicate our message digitally!


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