Top Design Resources for Non-Designers

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Top Design Resources for Non-Designers

So. Your boss asked you to create some graphics. And you thought, “Awesome! This is just the creative outlet I have been searching for.”

One problem: you are not a designer. And have never been a designer. In fact, you have never designed anything in your life! Unless your 4th grade diorama counts as “design”…

Never fear. Thanks to all the other people out there in your same situation, and the growing number of real, live designers out there, tons of resources exist. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Lynda — An awesome online learning resource for anyone. They offer online tutorials about how to learn graphic design, video production, photography, and so much more. Some courses require a paid membership, but lots of them offer a handful of free tutorials to get started!
  • 99u — Making ideas happen. A great resource for taking what ideas you have, and making them come to life. When you aren’t in a design role, but need to make designed projects happen, sometimes you need a little help. They also provide local resources in case you need to bounce ideas off someone!
  • Creative Market — Awesome resource for fonts, graphics, illustrations, and pre-made designs. Everything found on the site is designed by independent creatives around the world. Most items are pretty cheap, but some are free! Make sure to click the Free Goods tab at the top to check them out.
  • Adobe Color — If you’re not a designer, sometimes the idea of selecting a color palette seems daunting. With the Adobe Color Wheel, they do the hard work for you. Just select a color, and decide if you’re looking for monochromatic or complimentary — Voila! HEX and RGB swatches at your fingertips. There is even an option to develop a color palette from a photograph.
  • Canva — Canva is an easy way to develop graphics if you don’t have access to a real, living, graphic designer. Canva helps you create designs for web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more. Oh, and did I mention it’s totally free?
  • Dribbble — Looking for inspiration from other designers out there? Dribbble is your #1 inspiration hub. Dribbble asks the question: What are you working on? It’s an awesome place to see concepts, in progress work, and final products. But not only does it feature work from designers, it’s also a great community to connect with. You can comment, ask questions, or reach out to different artists.
  • infogram — So you need to make an infographic. But all you have are numbers. No problem. Infogram helps you pick infographic templates, and create a final product that is compelling and interactive. It’s data visualization made very, very easy.

What are some of your favorite design tools out there? If you don’t have access to an in-house designer, how do you solve your design problems?

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