What’s on Your Desk?

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What’s on Your Desk?

What’s on your desk directly influences your work habits and creativity. What does your workspace look like? Are you neat or are you messy?

As a designer, what’s on my desk is pretty important to my daily workflow. I’ll skip the boring stuff like my laptop (duh), or my monitor for larger scale projects. I’ll move right into the top 5 things I have to have on my desk to have my workday be a success:

  • Water bottle — Hydration is a pretty big deal in my daily workflow. I sit at my desk for hours sometimes, and if I don’t have a water bottle, I end up super dehydrated! The water bottle is a good reminder to take a break, and take a sip.
  • Inspirational art — I mean, I think this is a given as a designer. Looking at other art is always inspirational, and can get the creative juices flowing. But for me, I have had one piece of art on my desk for a few years straight now: my “Focus” print. I bought it a while back because the colors are calming and the typography is inspiring.
  • Lip balm — This goes hand in hand with my hydration obsession. My lips are always chapped, and without lip balm at the ready I’d forget lip balm even existed.
  • Headphones — Between blog posts, infographics, presentations, podcasts, and Instagram videos, my day involves a lot of moving pieces. Which also means I’m switching mediums constantly! I always need my headphones to listen to sound bites real quick, or edit a video and get it posted ASAP. Plus, listening to music in between those projects doesn’t hurt.
  • Sticky notes — I know I wrote a post a while ago about using Evernote to digitally take notes… But that doesn’t mean I have totally abandoned my love for handwritten lists. I am always writing stuff down: inspiration, hex color codes, quotes, grocery lists, recipes — you name it.

Are there things you keep on your desk to help make your workflow successful?

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