Evolving LEED in Motion with Readymag

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Evolving LEED in Motion with Readymag

We’re always looking for new, dynamic and engaging ways to present information. So when we came across Readymag, we knew it was the ideal tool to help us evolve our signature LEED in Motion reports. Aside from it being awesome to look at and easy to navigate, it gave us the opportunity to expand beyond the printed page, allowing our reports to be more versatile and adaptable than ever before.

LIM Canada

LEED in Motion Canada

Readymag brings these reports to life, making them more interactive while also providing us with a greater opportunity to share new information about LEED projects and professionals. It combines the beauty of publishing with functional digital design, resulting in a beautiful interface that engages readers and allows the stories and information to shine. With an opportunity to link within the report, we can expand the reach even further, sharing the profiles of LEED professionals from our USGBC directory and other resources mentioned in the report. This makes for a LEED in Motion that extends beyond the printed page, allowing for an expanded view outside of what’s contained in the text.

Another bonus Readymag offers is the ability to showcase volumes, so when we have more information to share we can grow the report beyond just the first iteration. They’re also retina ready, making the stunning, high-resolution images of the featured LEED-certified buildings look almost as spectacular as they do in person. 

We’re excited to use Readymag for our LEED in Motion reports and beyond. Check out what we’ve created so far at readymag.com/usgbc.

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