USGBC Studio 2016 New Year’s Resolution: Elevate your email game!

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USGBC Studio 2016 New Year’s Resolution: Elevate your email game!

As you kick-start those 2016 plans, here are six things to keep in mind for effectively communicating with your audience.

  1. Don’t forget the subject line! It’s your first contact with your reader. Keep it short, simple and on point. Your goal is to draw the reader in. No matter how good your content is, it doesn’t matter if no one opens the email.
  2. Value your audience. It’s one thing to choose your audience; it’s another to make sure you’re valuing their time. Don’t send emails to folks just because you can. Send them because they bring value to the recipients.
  3. Keep your content relevant and concise. Focus your email on one message with a strong call to action. Convey your message as clearly and concisely as possible. It’s quicker to read and looks cleaner in email format. You don’t want your message to get lost in unnecessary language. Think sentences, not paragraphs. If your content is lengthy, consider posting it as an article, and use email to direct readers to it.
  4. Avoid attachments. Emails with attached files are frequently marked as junk mail or spam. Don’t let your message get filtered out.
  5. Prevent email fatigue. Another email isn’t always the answer. Remember to leverage all of the resources at your disposal. Consider getting your message out via social media or directly on your website. Plus, talk to people! Reach out to colleagues and friends in different departments and organizations to help spread the word. A referral can be much more powerful than an email.
  6. Plan ahead. If you know you have an event or initiative coming up, put it on the calendar, no matter how early it is. Advance preparation will allow you to develop and schedule your email outreach for optimal results. Your digital communications team will thank you!
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