USGBC Studio: Making a social media campaign

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USGBC Studio: Making a social media campaign

In the wake of the #Top10LEED campaign this week, I thought it would be a great time to reflect upon what goes into creating a great campaign on social media. True, it is a lot of work, but though that may feel daunting, it can all come together quite swimmingly if you keep these tips in mind.

Staying well prepped and organized is your best bet for launching a project without a hitch. That, and finding the comfiest position at the computer—you’ll be there for a while, ready and waiting for whatever the Twitter board may throw at you!

Prep yourself

  • Pick a #: Keep your hashtag unique but relevant, and avoid too many characters.
  • Incorporate graphics, infographics or multimedia: These will absolutely increase the shareability and virality of the content sent out into the social sphere.
  • Connect with influencers in advance who can help leverage messaging: Create one-pagers with all messaging someone would need to promote your content. It should be as simple for them as a copy-and-paste job. Members, stakeholders, government, journalists—whomever it may be—make it seamless for them to participate and make your content so strong they want to participate.
  • Create some buildup: Send teasers across channels to build up excitement. Remind people of the launch date and include just enough information, without giving too much away.

…and go!

  • Track that hashtag constantly: Notice every ebb and flow. If you have a data tracking system, note what content performs best, what time of day people are most engaged, on what platforms people are talking about it and especially, who is doing the talking.
  • Mix up messaging: Keep things interesting and change it up throughout the campaign.
  • Pace yourself: Don’t invest all of your promotion in day one. Organize the content in a way that keeps it timely, different and interesting even on day five.
  • Stay alert and connect your message to other trending items: Sometimes a topic will begin socially trending that happens to relate well to your own campaign messaging. Jump on the opportunity to bring your discussion into a larger, popular and relevant conversation.

Measure your successes

  • Dig deep to find most the important successes. Performance can measure many things. Maybe your campaign increased channel follower counts exponentially. Maybe engagement rates were off the charts. Or perhaps your pre-release outreach to influencers did wonders for the hashtag in the long run. Find ways to highlight what scored well.
  • Assess areas that could use improvement. Of course, there are always tweaks that can be made and areas to be improved upon. It could be as simple as communication among the team members or as big as “We need a whole new strategy.” But hopefully, if you’ve taken these points into consideration—not a chance!

Good luck! See you on the campaign trail.

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