Get to the point

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Get to the point

When I was in journalism school, I learned that one of the biggest writing mistakes a journalist could make was to bury the lede. What’s the lede? The lede is the introduction of a news story, intended to pull in the reader. Often the lede also includes the five Ws and one H: who, what, when, where, why and how.

The idea is that we should put the most important information at the top of an article, so that if people read nothing else, at least they get the critical details.

This was a really transferable lesson for me when I made the shift from journalism into marketing. Whether I’m working on web copy, an article, a marketing email or online advertising, each piece of content benefits when I’m able to boil it down and get to the point.

Want to reach people? Don’t dance around big words and fancy language. Don’t get lost in the game of repetition. Make your message easy, digestible and clear. Then you’ll ease the burden on your audience, and likely increase their engagement too.

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