Choosing a format for your information

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Choosing a format for your information

As marketers aiming to get a message to the right people at the right time, in a digital world, we’re often faced with decisions about the best channel or format for our information.

When making this decision, it helps to think about the audience you are trying to reach, what people expect from specific formats and how that aligns with the goals of the message or the information you are sharing.

Here are some goals that we consider when creating content at USGBC:

  • Web article or blog post: Share information, educate, build awareness, promote opportunities for further engagement
  • Social post: Generate awareness, build reputation, establish as an industry expert, create community, grow social audience, increase traffic to website
  • Email: Offer strong call to action, build and nurture relationships, influence sales, encourage retention and brand loyalty; message must be targeted, valuable, interesting and engaging.
  • Online advertising: Offer strong call to action, lead to revenue (event registration, product purchase), generate leads
  • Press release: Share information, build awareness

Additionally, it often makes sense to promote a message across multiple channels using multiple formats. When you do so, though, it’s important to reformat the content for the appropriate channel.

Here are a few examples of recent content from USGBC and the formats that were used to share the information:

Write concise copy