Sharing the legacy of LEED in ad campaigns

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Sharing the legacy of LEED in ad campaigns

You’ve probably seen USGBC’s LEED print ad campaigns, which have been running in trade publications since fall 2016.

The iconic #FindyourLEED campaign has become a fan favorite, capturing the interest of LEED projects across the globe. Focused on helping to elevate the LEED green building rating system brand while simultaneously building brand awareness, this campaign communicates LEED’s flexibility, showcasing sustainability in both the classroom and home environment.

We’ve enjoyed seeing all the project teams who have proudly shared photos of their favorite LEED-certified schools, buildings, homes and neighborhoods on social media. At Greenbuild 2016, we distributed cutouts of the iconic leaves, and were amazed to see so much pink on our social media feeds (we also made printable leaves available for those who weren’t able to attend the show).

Because of its eye-catching design, the #FindyourLEED campaign has transitioned easily into display advertising, which has been running in tandem with our print ads.

LEED legacy ads

Also in circulation since 2016 is our LEED legacy campaign. Aimed at green building professionals, consultants and building/property owners, this campaign features professionals on the job, encouraging them to leave their own legacy.

Check out our campaigns and share your feedback!

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