Tracking your marketing impact with UTM codes

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Tracking your marketing impact with UTM codes

One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is the ability to track the impact of online marketing tactics. By using UTM codes or parameters, digital content creators can append URLs with fields that provide transparency into a campaign’s web activity related to source, medium and name. Through this transparency, content creators can have better insight into what is working for their organization and what is not, allowing teams to make more informed decisions regarding marketing strategy and tactics.

At USGBC, we use custom URLs to track the activity generated on our websites through online articles, web content, email marketing, social media and online advertising. For marketing teams that use a number of channels or sources, this is a helpful way to gather stats for a campaign in one location. On Google Analytics, under Acquisition > Campaigns, we are able to view the users, sessions, transactions and revenue tied to each campaign, and then drill down further into the source and medium.

Here’s an example of a recent campaign to drive customers to our education course subscription package, with the custom URL we used to track the impact:

At the conclusion of the campaign, we noted that the web banner and email generated the most activity, with the email bringing in the most users and the banner bringing in the most revenue. This insight demonstrates the value of both channels in the promotion of sale opportunities, and as a result, we will continue to use these sources in future promotions.

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