Engaging with holiday hashtags on social media

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Engaging with holiday hashtags on social media

Global and national holidays provide a number of ideal opportunities for brands to engage on social media in a more personalized and creative way. Not every holiday will work for this within your overall social media strategy (Talk Like a Pirate Day, Take Your Plant to Work Day). However, when they do (Earth Day, Martin Luther King Day, Veteran’s Day), they can become impactful moments to lead or join online conversations that are relevant.

Here are five tips on how to tactfully participate in some of these moments, along with some tools picked up along the way.

1. Get organized.

First things first. We are big fans (and clients) of the social platform Sprout Social, and Sprout happens to have an excellent downloadable 2020 calendar complete with holidays of note.

Sprout pro tip: “Research the holiday! Don’t just fill your content calendar—make sure the holiday aligns with your brand, values, and most importantly, the values of your audience.”

USGBC social media - get organized

2. Be you.

This is not an opportunity to totally reinvent the wheel. Your brand should already have a personality and voice—let that shine through.

Sprout pro tip: “Brands need to step back and remember what makes them so highly engaging on social in the first place—connection. Be respectful and do not appropriate culture.”

USGBC social media - brand voice

3. Hashtag the holiday.

Research the official hashtags that are associated with the holiday, as well as any affiliated trending words. This will be essential in joining social conversations with larger, untapped audiences.

Sprout pro tip: “Ensure that your brand’s actions back up your Tweets. 70% of people believe it’s important for brands to take a public stand on social and political issues. A social campaign celebrating #EarthDay could be a great fit for a brand that’s made a concerted effort to be more sustainable—but it might not be the best fit for a brand that doesn’t take steps to limit their environmental impact.”

USGBC social media - hashtag the holiday

4. Get personal.

Holiday engagement leaves room to be a bit more casual. Consider taking this opportunity to engage 1:1 with your audience. This can include staff video testimonials or sharing a behind-the-scenes experience. There’s even the option of running a poll, which adds an interactive element for fans.

My pro tip: Similar to the suggestions above, don’t push options that aren’t realistic. Video is great, ideal even, but it is conditional and sometimes difficult to do well in the moment. You could have trouble with service/connection, audio clarity, nice lighting, etc. A well-branded graphic that pops is a perfect start. Consider Canva for ideas.

USGBC social media - get personal

5. Maximize stories.

Piggybacking off of the previous tip, Instagram and Facebook stories are excellent ways to celebrate holiday cheer. Personalization mode is basically built into the tool itself. It is lighthearted, multidimensional and entertaining.

Sprout pro tip: “50% of all marketers say posts that entertain are more effective in helping them reach their goals than discounts and sales content.”

USGBC social media - maximize stories

Now you are on your way! Keep these tips in your back pocket for moments when you are looking to connect with folks in a meaningful and dynamic way. Happy holidays (in advance)!

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